Spanish businesses forced to buy employees Christmas hampers

The lote de navidad (Christmas hamper) is a popular tradition in Spain. A typical hamper contains delicacies such as wine, cava, jamón, pâté, truffles and nougat. Christmas hampers are typical of “old school” companies, but more modern businesses tend not to offer them, opting for a lower-cost option such as a bottle of wine and a company Christmas dinner instead.

Supreme Court rules: Christmas hampers are on

Everyone loves a Christmas hamper, but be careful if you do decide to offer one to your employees or business partners this year. A recent sentence by the Supreme Court ruled that companies who’ve traditionally bought Christmas Hampers for their employees must continue to do so.

This happened after a company stopped giving out Christmas hampers after merging with another that didn’t have this tradition. The Supreme Court ruled that receiving the hampers was an acquired right. As such, employees should continue to receive them.

Father Christmas’ fiscal obligations in Spain are still under investigation.

Source: El Diario

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