Cafés in Sagrada Familia to work in

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Amongst all those serious articles on tax returns and news on employment conditions, what do you guys read most in this blog? A little birdie (or rather, Google Analytics) tells me that one of the most popular topics around here is the best cafes in Barcelona that are also WiFi-enabled.

I also just moved to the Sagrada Familia area of Barcelona (well, technically Camp de l’Arpa, which is a couple of streets down the road, but let’s not split hairs), which makes it a great occasion to tell you about my favourite working cafés in this area. Cake, coffee and a fast wireless connection? Find it here.

For more information about Barcelona’s café/restaurant scene, you might also like to look at my other blog, which is dedicated just to this subject.

The best cafés with WiFi in Sagrada Familia

Very close to the Sagrada Famila and Hospital de Sant Pau is Tactic. More than just a café, Tactic is an original concept where, rather than paying per drink, you pay for the amount of time you spend in the venue and drinks and biscuits are unlimited throughout. This naturally lends itself well to taking a laptop and getting down to work, especially as they also offer WiFi. The place itself has a young feel and has an Escape Room out the back. It’s a little grungy, but one of my favourite places to work in as it’s quiet and comfortable.

You may never have thought of entering an Argentinian Patisserie-Café, but once you have paid a visit to Mendieta there is no turning back. Mendieta is one of the few relatively trendy cafés in this residential part of town (moving over towards El Clot/Camp de l’Arpa), and is incredibly successful (as the waitress tells me, “Monday morning, Tuesday morning, Wednesday afternoon… it’s always this busy!”). It’s a great place for meeting your mates, but as a work venue in need of a few quiet corners. Still, no arguing with the pastries on sale 😉

Text and photos by Penelope

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